Friday, January 27, 2006

Back to the Streets (!)

It's confirmed now, I'm not back to the old gang, but to the streets. Back to where I started, jobless and broke. This answers all my questions in a hard way. Life is cruel, my friend. You'll never know what's next for you, what's waiting on the corner of the destiny. I always prepare for the worst to happen, even this bad. I can watch in the mirror the future for me is not that bright here. I don't have a plan, I never did. I got my first job and the next ones completely out of any efforts. I was offered those jobs, and transfered from one place to another. So it's not  really a big surprise when it ended suddenly. I should cry, but does it matter anymore?. The time is not going back, not any regrets left now. Time to move on...

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Back (for Good...?)

Today, I'm told to be back to my office at BTC-BPPT, good old TeleMatics, starting next month. It justifies all my conscious all these months. All questions about my status, my salary, and my not fitting in this office has been answered. I'll be back in  couple of days. Just when I've already fitted in... the environment. Well, just another chapter of my life. I'll be haunted by the lack of hardware, slow internet (strangled bandwidth), and late office hour. Not counting my increasing tasks and declining web updating I mean. I look forward to it, after all, that is what I'm paid for. That's what I'm worth for. I can't wait....

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

There Goes My Telly...(snif)

When I came back from work (and the storm) yesterday, I found my room was neat and clean. The bed sheet is new, and ... where is my telly? It used to be right in the corner of my room. It's gone now. Well, there goes my only entertainment. I don't know where it went,and I don't care. Now there's not a reson to comehome early. Guess I miss my PC very badly now...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Legally Alien

Q : Do you speak English?
A : Little-Little sih I can

Q : Do you understand ?
A : Yes,I stand under you

Q : Are you alright ?
A : No what-what

Q : Are you crazy ?
A : Yes, Yes, No Ding!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New Year, New Look, New Spirit

Originally, I want to kill this blog because of my addict of web presences. If you consider 3 websites (personal) and 6 blogs are too much, then I must be overkill. But then, I realize that I need some breakout, to express some thoughts in a language that not many people (in my country) understand, and yet manage to confuse the native speakers of English with this level of fluency. So I decide to continue this blog as of 2006 and change the name and design to refresh my spirit. I hope I can update this blog more frequently, but we'll never know what might happen...