Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yeah, We're All Eliminated!

It seems that I'm all mistaken. Turns out that we all are scraps of this program. Nothing good seems to come out. The best of us are wasted, the rest of us are hopeless. There's no way we can win. A joint program is supposed to be a collaborative work that includes more than one side. But in the end, what's left is a name, a jargon. without followup. I don't need the degree nor the certificate, it's all just papers. I've had all I got to survive this life. But the rest of my friends in this program need them so much. They have sacrificed much, time, effort, enthusiasm, and passion.They are more than deserve their recognitions. Now it seems that every piece of this program has a mind of their own about it. This is not joint program after all, this is not even a program. This is a reality show where nobody wins. Yeah, we're all eliminated!