Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Here Comes the Bailout

Yet another deadline for us. By next month, it's do or die. And I still wonder where the hell is my warning letter? I haven't change my address just yet since the first time I joint the programme. Well, here comes the bailout, at least for the sponsor (or is it?). This programme is a mess, and we got to take the fall. The weakest link, the bottom of the food chain. I got to admit that we are not totally innocent. We just can't predict that it will go this far, pathetically. And yet, the deadline always changes, unsurprisingly. One of our friend that has been graduated last February got to pay some penalties. Did he meet the deadline or not? It seems that we are caught between two deadlines: from the institution and the sponsor. Either way, we lose. If we meet the deadline, we pay the institution. If we don't, we pay the sponsor AND the institution (?). Wow, time to flee... (any suggestions?)