Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Once in a Lifetime

What if you can live your dream, go to every new place, meet new people, I mean very high place and very important person, be a part of a revolution, and still unknown? Just like a time traveller that go back in time and be a part of American or French Revolution. The different is, the time is right now and the place is right here. I always value experience and pleasure (or enjoyment) higher than any price of money in the world. That's why I once told my friend that I'm willing to work unpaid as long as I can access internet for free, anytime I want, any way I want it to. Because accessing internet means new experience, new journey everytime. I can't travel farther than Java island all my life, the only place I think I'll be able to go farthest is Mecca (for pilgrimage journey). Becoming a witness for historical moments is priceless, it's a chance for a lifetime.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Enjoy the Pressure

Sometimes I wonder, if we live without stress will life still worth living for? When we works in an established institution, with a clear career path, satisfactory wages, loaded with extras, plus we have our home sweet home with a family to go home to. The job we do everyday is the same old routine from day one, just with higher job title and paycheck. What a life it would be... Now picture this situation: you work in a newly developed company, doing every dirty jobs available, constantly changed environment (especially the boss' mood), and uncertain future of the company, also your employment status (and the continuity of your paycheck). Now, can you feel the pressure?