Wednesday, January 23, 2013

One Year of Job

It's been one year since I back to work. After my second dropping out of college, it took 20 days until I get a new job, unexpectedly. Just like my old jobs, I got this one completely on behalf of friendship. Well, a lot of things have happened since last year. I have lost and found something in my life. No regrets, I suppose. I made many new friends, got new experiences, but also lost an important part of my life, kinda like a lost-and-found session. C'est la vie, ma chérie.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Here Comes the Flood, There Goes the Flood

The flood strikes back! After 2007, this probably the biggest flood in Jakarta ever. Now it's more widespread and quite intimidating. Well, if the flooding area is the heart of Jakarta, a.k.a. the Indonesia Hotel square, wouldn't it mean something? Last time, it's only the usual suspects, the area that flooded year by year. Well, that if the dam is intact, we won't have this discussion. The rain is not as often as last years, but the impact is more devastating. Everytime there's flood coming, my thoughts always come to the year 1993. That year, a big flood swept my hometown, right in the place where I was born. For a week the town is isolated from the world, the electricity is out, the rivers were ready to spill, the streets turn to canals, and the rain kept falling. Thank God we could get through it.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

'Deserve's Got Nothing to Do with It' or Does It?

Just a little quote from a movie forum:
Deserves got nothing to do with anything in this life. I used this phrase often.
The winner in any sport competition does not have to be the best team. Academy Award Best Picture winner does not have to be
the best picture of that year.
Some of the students that failed in exams were not the stupidest in their class.
The elected president does not have to be the best candidate.
The husband of the prettiest women does not have to be the coolest dude around.
Life is not always fair. Life is just like that. Nobody wants you when you loose, Nobody loves you when you're down and out. And there is no justice for the loosing side.
 Some calls it "Law of Nature", some calls it "God's Justice", some calls it "Shit Happens". Just pick your poison.

Friday, January 04, 2013

Yet Another New Year

It's new year's eve, time to blog again, everybody? After the rush hour and moving deadlines by the end of the year, closed by consecutive road trip to Malang for my little brother's wedding, finally some peace and quiet days are coming. Well, last year is an unexpectedly hectic chain of events for me, especially. My mother's health got worse culminated to her death, my extremely fast track engagement and wedding and aftermath, and of course, workload along woth the pressure. Also, my health issue, my mother-in-law's health issue, and my brother's wedding to round it all.
And yes, I lost much last year, but also gain some. I've lost both my parents, and struggled to keep the family from segregating. I also have a new family, and still wonder how to manage it, with this kind of long distance relationship. Now, a new year and a new home to live in, I kinda wonder if this year will be more exciting than last year. Well, we can only wait and see...