Tuesday, September 18, 2007

No Guarantee

One thing I learn from my life so far is that there's no guarantee in life. No guarantee that every man get what they deserve. No guarantee that one good turn deserves another. Even we can't claim paradise though we do all the good things in our entire life. When you work as hard as you can, as honest as you can, there's no guarantee you'd not be fired the next day, just like that. And we still think that life is fair, think again!

On Every Corner of the Street...

Life always surprises you. Just the other week, my father get an operation (prostate) after visiting my sister's home to celebrate my nephew and niece's birthday party. Three years ago, he got another stroke after the visit, when I got my first job. Ten years ago, he got the first stroke after talking about my cousin's wedding. You'll never guess how pain is so close to pleasure. My friend in Bandung just offered me a job last week, and today I receive a scholarship invitation from my alma mater, Gadjah Mada University, either to Bandung or Germany. I have to go through the test of course, but still it surprises me much, especially when I am in the busiest moment of my work. And in this fast month, how can there be so much things to do and so little time left?