Friday, March 19, 2010

Guinea Pig (An Eulogy)

First thing first, guinea pigs are not pig nor do they come from Guinea. They are actually some kind of rodent (rats) that come from Andes, South America. In popular terms, they are called "Lab Rats" because they are commonly used as experimental object. A noble title, but not without consequences. Guinea pigs must take every kind of treatments never done before to any kind of life form. New medicines or chemical substances, or even poisonous materials always come first through their systems. Nobody will remember them when they're gone, no names or some kind of identification. The experiments done to them are not even guaranteed to be successful, many of them are failed or must be redone. When one of more of them die, will somebody ever give a damn? They've paid their due, after all. When one project is successful, not one of them is mentioned in the report, just numbers, as a whole. They are not unique individuals, just a bunch of selected population considered suitable for the experiment, where the consideration is purely subjective. And now, finally the cage is broken, at least they still hold our chains, our wedlock. They might sue even when the whole condition and precaution are constantly changing on daily basis. Because guinea pigs have no rights, just obligations to the master. One time you are in the limelight, nowadays you are on the corner, hung to dry. But they came here with nothing, so it's all you'll ever get. The time is running out...

Imagine you're one of them.