Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Deadliest Deadline?

After 3 full months of waiting in vain, finally there's some update on our status. Confusingly, we were told to get a special letter called "The Accelerated Supervision" for our theses supervisors to remind that we have reached our deadline (officially dead? again?). It's kind of shocking but in this program, nothing can ever surprise us in any way anymore.So, I come to get the letter this morning. Along the way, I asked what exactly happened since the last deadline notice (last October). The answer is: we were set to bypass the whole theses procedure directly to the final theses examination, but the proposal was postponed in every meeting held since then, before finally rejected. And so, we were thrown back to our last situation, after throwing back 3 full months without consulting our supervisors, to follow the same procedures all over again. It's not surprising, yet still irritating and undeserving. Guess I'm still gonna hang on for a little while now.