Thursday, September 28, 2006

The First Drop (Welcome)

Why another blog? maybe because it's free and there's too many things I cannot say, but carelessly exposed it to the outer world. It's in English, not too good so people from my country won't reveal it too easily, and people internationally will consider it another clumsy attempt. One drop of water, inspired by a quote from the prophet:
...dip your finger into the ocean and lift it, the water that drops from your fingertip is the human knowledge and the rest of the ocean is God's knowledge...
In another popular reference, a religious song compare one drop of water from the ocean and the rest of the ocean with the world and the afterlife. And living my life one day at a time, that's just the way it always goes. Try not to bound to the past, and not look too far to the future, cause you'll never know what's gonna happen tommorow, or if there's tommorow after all.
So, this is my first drop of water, maybe not enough to quench the thirst or clean the dirt, but who knows it can break a stone.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Water Crisis and Fasting

In the past two weeks, our office has turn into water crisis. The kind of crisis you don't expect to happen, especially here at the heart of Jakarta. It reminds of me of the days when I was a little boy, the same crisis happened and nothing we can do about it. We had to save water exclusively for cooking and drinking (there hasn't been bottled drinking water yet), we barely took a bath, but keep for wudu (I can't find the proper word) instead. Yesterday was the first day of Ramadan, or fasting month, and the crisis is getting worse. You see, when fasting, we are not allowed to drink along the time, so wudu is the only way to get excitement of water. Some says that we may cheat during wudu, instead of chewing water, we drink some. But, when there's no water or scarce enough to warn us not to take that much excitement, or even go somewhere else to pray. Luckily, there's a mosque about five minutes form the office. But still, five minutes under the sun at this peak of dry season (ten if you count both ways) are not the best moment in fasting. To complete the package, I become the minority here and fasting alone (at least in my department) is hard enough without any compensation such as work hour reduction, and even get some food to break is a notorious problem here. But hey, life was, is , and will never be easy, just keep on surviving and cherish every day you pass. UPDATE (27-09-06): The water crisis is finally solved. It turns out to be the damaged waterpump.