Sunday, November 16, 2008

Drifting Apart: Mind Your Own Business!

Start as 20-men (and women) trooper, with high hopes of some "dream team" or
"supergroup", yes it's always short-lived. When the hype is over, turns
out that the management is just another "mismanagement" and the
ambitious project is dead before taking off. Now, we are miles apart,
Jogja, Bandung, Karlsruhe, with our own business, just not enough time
for each other. The management is now less enthusiastic, keep
pressuring the rest of us. The crisis is here, the budget is tight, so
we are the victims, the lowest part of the food chain. Now, I can't
care much of it either. I'm too old for this shit. I'm not even a
leader, just an poor old lonesome internet addict.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Have a Bad Feeling About This...

It seems like German is just another dream. The scholarship we get is getting stricter, no money will come out automatically. When my motivation is waning, all we get is more and more bad news. The living cost will be linked to the theses progress. Guess they never know anything about capital cost. Our journey abroad is cut from three to two months, talking about justice. We officially become second-class citizen on this program. While some of our colleagues get 20 months period and full scholarship, we get 18 months, not-so-full scholarship, and only 2 months abroad. I have a bad feeling about this. Just when I failed to pass the big 5 pageant, I got a feeling that the rest of us would never get abroad after all. And it's all because this program and the management just suck, big time.