Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Going Home (?)

Exactly, there's no place like home. Every year, at least once a year we usually do the ritual of "going home", at eid day. Just now, my wife asked me a question, "Where is home?" Is it the one we go everyday after work, our parents' home, or the place where we were born? Because for me, they are all refer to different places. Now that both my parents have passed away, the ritual becomes more and more irrelevant. For two years in a row, my sister and her family skips the ritual altogether. My younger brother also, but that's because he's gone abroad. This year, when the extended holidays are shorter than ever, the eid rituals are gone before I realized. Of course, we know another saying: "Home is where the heart is". So, you can call any place your home, actually. Finally, for us geek, home can be found anywhere in the computer's keyboard, usally under number 7.