Saturday, May 10, 2008

This is Bandung (ITB), Man!

Well, I don't expect too much from them, either. The first day we came in, we were faced with registration forms that confusing enough to fill, not to mention the price we must pay, that is getting bigger everyday. Several requirements are hard to fulfill and we have never been informed before. And now, the registration office is late to process and we are to blame. And then one of our lecturer said that we must be independent to become ITB student, beside attending the lecture we must do tutorial (with some assistants...what assistant?) and do research on the internet (that we can't access without password, without student registration number, etc), and stay in campus from morning to afternoon (laying on the ground or make some noises, perhaps?). We must also know our colleagues, other postgraduate students (well, maybe we must take survey for how many hours should a postgraduate student spend on campus). After all, this is ITB, not UGM, this is Bandung, not Jogja. And finally, only five of us can finish this program completely and 15 others can take vacation abroad instead. What a life!