Monday, July 23, 2007

The Pressure's on Me (now)

My younger brother told me yesterday that my older brother's gonna propose next fasting month, and get married after id's day. I guess it's for the best, despite the rush. He is 36, so the timing is crucial, as the 'biological' clock is ticking... Well, more family affair coming, and when this is all over, the next shooting target will be... me. As the oldest surviving bachelor of this extended family (my mother's heritage, to be specific), to live as bachelor is considered a sin (or simply a family humiliation). All this time, I always hide behind my older brother's status. Now (or soon) this ultimate protection will be gone. There will be a great number of pressures coming my way, from word of mouth, satire, and a list of candidates since I have showed no intention to seriously dating someone. I'm running out of time and luck on this one. Well, it's time to count my options now.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Blood's Thicker Than Money

There goes my last year's saving. At least I spend it on the right track (I think). I learn to free myself from money addiction, even when I earned them honestly, working my ass upside down. I always have my dream to use it, but never mind. I can get it back, I hope.