Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One Down, Many to Go

Not so surprised when I saw my name on the top 10 list. It has been on my prediction for some times. But I never predicted my rank will be that high (2). Now I must face the ultimate judgment from the Uni-Karlsruhe authorities. Well, I still on my track I guess. There are advantages and disadvantages to be accepted or not. You will work VERY hard right after you are accepted in top 5 list to go 10 months to Karlsruhe, and I mean it HARD. You will get the prestige of course, and on the account of your other 15 friends stipends, you will be (hopefully) well-covered financially there. If you are not accepted, you will take the humiliation, back to your hometown, but still get the ultimate bonus: 3 months vacation to Germany. full-paid! This kind of mixed-up doesn't happen everyday, so whatever the results, it will still be very exciting to watch.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Forget Karlsruhe!

I should've known from the start that there is nothing like a wonderful opportunities. only hoax. This program I join is half-baked and premature. The plan to put 20 students in Universitat Karlsruhe to join the Resources Engineering Master Program is completely fail. Well, not completely actually. The University agrees to accept only 5 students to join the class. So, we screw up. How to choose 5 out of 20 is very tricky, because chosen or not, we are still very disappointed. There will be too many things to consider, subjectively and objectively. The grade (GPA, TOEFL, TPA, etc), attitude, background, combination, and still a lot of things can be added to the mixture. We may never know the real reason behind the process. So, I just hope for the worst, because my GPA is lagging behind (12th rank!), so all I can say is "Forget Karlsruhe!"