Wednesday, May 01, 2013

One Day Service: Driver's License Renewal

Nothing new I guess. But this was my first ever driver's license renewal since I got one back in 1992. Back when my first driver license expired, I already move to another town and didn't care enough to transfer (mutation) the license, so I made a new one. When the second driver's license expired, I got carried away by the loss of my PC and didn't renew it for six years! So, five years ago I made a new driver's license (again), for the third time. This time, no reason for me not to renew it, as the procedure  is simpler and the service point is broader with the mobile unit. But the most important part is, the renewal service is open on Saturday! Not like the public service like citizen ID or passport which  is only available during workdays.
Last Saturday, I went to the theater...err the mobile unit for driver's license renewal. The service is open at 08.00 - 12.00. When I got there at 09.00, the queue is fairly long. First, we handed the current driver's license and showed our citizen ID and fill up the form, which takes about 5 minutes and  IDR 2,000 and deliver it to the officer in the car. After that, of course, we must wait in line. The queue number I got was 31. It took about an hour until my name was called, and the next process is pretty straightforward. We took a picture and in a snap, the new driver's license is ready, only take a minute and IDR 115,000. Pretty impressive, I must say, given the condition that your current driver's license is not expired yet and your citizen ID is match the region (you cannot renew your driver's license outside the region/nationally).