Monday, June 08, 2015

Where Life Begins and Dreams End

It is said that life began at forty, and that's what keeps me wondering. Is it because we simply old enough to enjoy life, or we just become too old to chase our dreams, surrender to accept reality, in other words, the end of idealism and the start of pragmatism? When we wake up every morning and see our family begin the day, all the routines. We talk to our spouse about the future, and finally realize that no matter how hard we tried, it will never be good enough. When our children show their energy and compassion to learn and chase their dreams, would it be the sign to make our sacrifice? Of course, it doesn't always begin at forty. Maybe, forty seconds from now, who knows?.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

25 or 6 to 40

Along the way, I saw many faces come and go, sometimes it's for good. You'd always get used to it eventually. And now is the time for some countdown...(Europe song in the background). Coincidentally or not, I found some inspirations to start writing articles for my blogs this week. Some treat for my reader (not readers, I know) and my sanity. This blog is almost 13 years old, bad luck eh? I just need to look at my very first post in this blog to see how far I come in English skill writing, not much I'm afraid.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Another One Goes Up in the Air

Well, it happened again. I recently lost my cellphone again. I think it's the fifth or sixth times already. This time I lost two phone numbers since the cellphone can accept two SIM/RUIM cards. If the previous losses made me a bit panic, since it's the only cellphone I had, now I already have backups. The lost number can be retrieved easily, this time no charge billed. The other number that I usually used for data/internet connection is history, since I cannot afford to maintain multiple phone numbers now.Time to make count: in 12 years since I first use a cellphone, I already used 11 phones, six of them are lost, three of them got traded, and two are still in use. In simple statistics, I roughly change cellphone every year!