Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Things Could Only Get Worse

At least from my father's perspective. Ten years in stroke, all the pain and numb condition just getting worse each day. The only organ left normal is his left hand. The head is half numb, the right hand and both feet are stiffed. God knows what makes my father scream frantically every night, making my mother sleepless and more helpless. Wish I could help them, but I can't. Everything we've done for his medication are useless, and yet life and death are in God's hand. The only thing I know is, we, at least I, have given up hope for cure or at least a good sign of healing. As long as it goes, the burden will be ours, alone, forever. Last year, my father still could pass the fast month, right through the eid proceeding. This year, it's all gone. Wondering if there's still another fast month and eid mubarak for him.