Friday, August 22, 2008

Wishful Thinking

Did you ever get into this situation where you feel you don't deserve it? Either good or bad? I feel my life has been in that situation, alternatively. Well, I used to think my life cannot get worse than it is. Just now I've got a chance to proof something, at least to myself that I'm not (completely)a failure, that my life is meant to get somewhere, not just a series of unfortunate events (well, if you consider it a book or movie). At least I know now that it's not true. Here comes another dissappointment. And I must reconsider my life all over again. Back to zero point. Maybe someday I will look back to this moment (and this particular naysaying) and smile. Just Maybe...

You Give Me Nothing but the Blues

Yes, the door is closed now. My chance to get into the top five is gone. The list is set, my name is not on it. Well, maybe it's time to stop dreaming and get my feet back on the ground. Better be prepared for the final theses and enjoy the traveling bonus next year. I don't know why I fail, and I don't want to. It's just another bitter part of my miserable life, I guess.