Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Moment of Truth (?)

Well, my week has been lousy. I can't finish any tasks, keep on hitting the wall. There is this girl who keeps on messaging me (on the cell), enough to bug my lonely and alienated life. My mother seems to cool down about my job switching business, but I'd like to keep my option open. And tonight we will face the ultimate challenge, I still don't know what the agenda. My boss only told me it's about the international opportunity for us. However, it's not in my specialty (Do I have one?), and I still have a lot to learn in this. As a result of my continuous failure to fulfill my past assignments (according to boss), I keep on bouncing from one job to another, from one department to another, sometimes doing parallel jobs that very much different. It's a (very) small company after all, and maybe will remain that way.