Wednesday, March 28, 2012

When You Lost Your Prepaid (Cellular) Number: Now and Then

Damn! I'm officially a cellular phone thief magnet when I lost my cellular for the fourth time last week. The most frustrating thing is, I have no idea when and how it was lost, stolen or maybe ran away from me. Once again I must reset all the data inside the phone. The most important thing to do when you lost your cellphone is to retrieve the number. After all, my primary reason to own a cellular phone is to simplify anyone who wants to contact me (not the other way around)!. But this time, I have a doubt because the number I use is registered under my (late) father's name. I'm afraid it's gonna be a hurdle in the retrieving process. Well, I could not be more wrong. Not only the process is nearly flawless, the cost is next to nothing, as cheap as buying a new number! Not only that, the remaining balance is still intact. You still have to supply your ID and list at least 5  most recent numbers you contacted. Back then, when I tried to retrieve another number, the cost was much higher (almost tenfold). At least from my experience in this particular operator, it is a highly improved service.

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