Friday, May 20, 2016

Life Begins at 40, The Game Ends at 41

(The card game, obviously). You know that when all the cards are revealed, it's all over. We live each day, suffling all our cards, take it in turn, hope to find the right one to keep. We already chose to collect a specific kind of card before. We wait and wonder if the next card will be the one to keep or even can finish the game. And then what? We all know the end of the road, the path to eternity that awaits. I dreamt about my mother last night, as if she never gone away. Funny how I never consider that to be such a big deal anyway. After four years, it seems that the gaps she left will never be filled. Finally, what if everyone collects the same set of cards? Did we really play the same game, the same rules, and the same deck?

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